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For your major essay, you will compose a (minimum) 1000-word visual analysis of a work of art of your choosing.  There is no penalty for going over 1000 words (it may take more than 1000 to say everything you need to say), but you must meet this minimum threshold.  Thorough coverage of all the applicable techniques is the goal.

The Art- The Scream from Edvard Munch

You may choose any work of art; you may choose a work covered in class or one that you find on your own.  (You will be presenting on the same work of art in your Pecha Kucha – these are two parts of the same major project.)

The Paper

The paper should be typed, and double spaced, and should follow ALL the guidelines outlined in the Requirements and Tips handout.  99% of what you need to know about my expectations for written work is there.  If your paper conforms to everything outlined in the handout, you’re good to go.

You are not required to do any research for this paper, but if you choose to do research to further your own ideas, you MUST properly cite all sources.  See the Requirements handout.

The Content of the Paper

Your paper should be a really straightforward visual analysis of the work you’ve chosen.  Try to discern the meaning of the work though applying all the applicable principles and terms of analysis to it.  Talk about how the artist uses line, color, light, emphasis, etc….Units I – IV give you the tools you need to analyze a work of art with authority.  Try to cover all the principles of analysis, but only if they actually are used in the work.    This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you understand how to analyze a work of art by employing correct techniques and utilizing the appropriate vocabulary.  Your ultimate goal is to try and communicate that you understand what the work of art is about through your analysis of its visual form (first and foremost) and subject matter.

What the Paper Shouldn’t Include

Biography of the artist, art historical information, etc.  This is a visual paper, no need to talk about history.

N.B. Make sure you can find a good image of your work either online or in a book.  It’s hard to write a visual analysis of a work of art you can’t see clearly!

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