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Please helo me. ECE 561 at CSUN. Extra credit problems.

EE561-Extra-Credit… !‘ . Find and sketch the Fourier series coefficients (remember To sketchboth the magnitude and the phaSe) of The following periodic signal.Verify your solutions using Motlab. Include the code and the graphics.No m-files. Find the total average power. Also find the contributionsof The fundamentalr second and 3" harmonic components to the total CI’I’BI’UQE POWEI". 2. For each of llhe following Signals, determlne which. is periodlc and whleh isNOT. For those that are periodic, find the period, fundamentalfrequency and the average power a} rift] = cosififlntlt sunflfint}b] 11(1′) = imuswflat 1v TIN] c} ult) : 51 – 2cosl50nt} d} HIE?) = 103mm?) – koszt) 3. Using the exponential Fourier Series representation. find and plot theamplitude and phoSe line spectrum for the following periodic signal: xlt}: 10 + 20ccs(100nf—30°) + 20sin(2007:t-120°] Hint: express the real sinusolds in terms of the complex exponentialand compare with Fourier series

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