Last Updated: February 19, 2019

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Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy:

If you’re not satisfied in any way with the physical book you receive, or it turns out you don’t need it, just return the book to our third-party partner in the same condition within 21 days using our box and prepaid UPS shipping label. We’ll provide a full refund minus the original cost of shipping, if applicable. When returning a book early using the prepaid label, the return shipping costs are covered by acehomeworktutors. We do not charge any hidden restocking fees; If you are returning a book you purchased in new condition, it must be returned in new condition to be eligible for a refund. The 21-day refund qualifying period begins the day you place your order. This date can be found in My Account and in your Order Confirmation email. To qualify for your refund, your return package must be postmarked by UPS within 21 days of your Ordered-On date. You can print your label from My Account.

Digital Return Policy:

If you’re not satisfied with any digital book that you rent or purchase from us, or you cancel a class and don’t need it, you may return it for a full refund within the first 14 days by going to your My Account page and following the instructions for returns. No returns on digital products are available after 14 days from purchase has elapsed. You may only return the same digital book once. If you rent or buy a digital book after returning that same book, no returns will be available.

Shipping policy:

We work with our third-party partners to guarantee arrival of your textbooks no later than the date stated on your order confirmation. If you still haven’t received your order by then, let us know and we’ll refund your shipping costs and, if necessary, ship you another copy.

Quality of Book Guarantee:

If you’re unhappy with the quality of any of our books, we’ll immediately have another copy of the same book shipped to you at our expense. To qualify, you must return the original rental book to one of our third-party partners in accordance with the Return Shipping Policy section below. If you’ve purchased a new book, the book must be returned in brand new condition to qualify for a refund.


Highlighting is permitted, but please do not write in rented physical books. Remember that rentals are intended for multiple users. As a courtesy to your fellow students, please limit highlighting and do not write in the books.

Supplemental Material:

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that supplemental materials (CDs and CD-ROMs, Workbooks, Study Guides) will be included with your rental. However, they are available for purchase on select titles. If you receive your book with any of the above items, you are welcome to use it. We ask that you return your book complete with any supplemental materials you received.

Damage to Books:

We expect books to have some ordinary wear, and highlighting is permitted. If a book is returned in damaged condition (stained, torn pages, loose binding etc.), you’ll be charged the purchase price of the book, that is, the list price minus any rental fees you have already paid. In those cases, we’ll contact you and offer to have the damaged book returned to you at your cost. If you do not claim the book within 45 days of our contact, acehomeworktutors will treat the book as abandoned and may have it donated, recycled, or otherwise disposed of.

Lost books:

If your book is lost or stolen, you can always try to find an identical book in the same condition and send it back. Or pay the purchase price of the lost book, that is, the list price minus any rental fees you have already paid. To pay for a lost, stolen, or damaged book, go to “My Account,” click the “More” link next to the book, then click the “Purchase this book” link.

Extension policy:

Go to My Account if you need to extend your rental. If you plan on renting your books for the upcoming term and our term due date does not cover your full term, please contact us via Phone or Chat and we will extend your rental period to fit your term. Extensions may not be available on some digital products.

Late Returns:

When you rent your book, you will be given a due date for returning the book. Your book is “returned” as of the date that you drop off your book, properly packaged and labeled, with UPS for delivery to one of our third-party partners. You may print your return shipping label by logging into your account. The shipping label will contain information on the third-party partner that the book will need to be returned to. If your book is not returned by the due date, acehomeworktutors may automatically extend the rental for a fee, or charge you the purchase price of the book minus any rental fees you have paid — acehomeworktutors will email you prior to the due date with your options and a reminder. If you were charged the purchase price but still want to return the book, you must return the book within 7 days of being charged for a refund of the purchase fee. If you decide to keep a book it will never cost more than the purchase price.

Purchasing a book:

If you need to purchase your rental, go to My Account and select “More” next to the book you would like to purchase. The purchase price is the list price minus any rental fees you have already paid. You can purchase your book or request an extension at any time during your rental period, up until your due date. Digital products may have their own purchase requirements.

Out-of-stock Products:

Products ordered by 10:00 AM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) are usually shipped the same day. However, if an item is out of stock, your order may be delayed. We will notify you of any book that is unavailable for immediate shipment. You may cancel any item not being prepared for shipment. You may request a cancellation through the “My Account” section of or by contacting customer service.

Multiple Product Orders:

We work with our third-party partners to attempt to have all products in an order shipped at the same time and in the same package. However, all your books may not come from the same partner and may be shipped separately. Products that are unavailable at the time of shipping will be shipped as they become available, unless timely cancelled prior to shipment. Digital products may be delivered electronically or made available through password or other access to a web site.

Return Shipping Policy (Rentals):

When you rent non-digital items through the Service, you must return those items to our third-party partner (as indicated on the shipping label) by the end of your rental period. (If you purchased the book, you need not return it.) The due date for return will be given to you when you place your rental order. You are responsible for any late return shipments that are not postmarked by the due date. You must ship your items to our third-party partner (as indicated on the shipping label) at its designated location by your due date to avoid extension or replacement fees. If you do need to keep your rental for longer than the original term, you may purchase the book or buy an extension in the “My Account” section on the Websites.

You may return the items to our third-party partners in one of two ways:

1. Return by using UPS Label – We will provide you with a printable prepaid UPS shipping label. Simply log on to the Websites and click the “Return” button on the “My Account” page. Follow the prompts to generate the label. If you return your items in this manner, you must use this prepaid shipping label to ensure delivery and proper accounting of your return; or

2. Return to Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliates – acehomeworktutors may designate certain bookstores and other parties as its “Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliates”. If available, you may return your rented items to an Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliate. Your return will be considered “postmarked” on the date you submit your items to the Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliate.

If your return is not postmarked by your due date, you may be charged extension and/or replacement fees according to acehomeworktutors’s then-current Replacement Policy. acehomeworktutors may change this policy at any time, and the change will take effect immediately for any book rented on or after the date of the change, so please check the Websites regularly for the most recent return terms.

Books and other items should be packaged appropriately to keep them from being damaged during shipping. If an item is sent back without proper packaging material, and the item has visible damage, it will be your responsibility to pay for that damage. If you were charged the purchase price but still want to return the book, you must return the book within 7 days of being charged for a refund of the purchase fee.

Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliates:

Certain school bookstores and other locations may be designated by acehomeworktutors as Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliates. If available in your area, you may access and use the Service through a acehomeworktutors-branded kiosk at an Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliate location, if offered. In using this affiliate service, you agree that your rented (or, if available, purchased) items will be shipped to that location, and you must pick up the items, as well as drop off rented items (as applicable) for return to acehomeworktutors, at that location. You also acknowledge that certain information about your order (including your contact information, the items in the order and the amount paid) will be provided to the Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliate to assist in processing the transaction and providing the affiliate service. You are fully responsible for your compliance with the Terms of Use with respect to your order when made through Authorized acehomeworktutors Affiliates, including prompt return of the books.

Returning the Wrong Book:

If you return the wrong book or personal property to our third-party partners, your property will be held for 14 days in their warehouse. You may contact us within this time to have it returned to you at your expense or acehomeworktutors will treat this as abandoned property and may direct our third-party partners to donate it, recycle it or liquidate it.

Buyback program:

acehomeworktutors may, from time to time, offer a “buyback” program where we offer to purchase textbooks. The used book market is extremely volatile, and the value of books can drop substantially in a short period of time. That’s why our Buyback quotes are only good for a limited period of time, usually 7 days. If the books are not postmarked at UPS within the time listed on your quote, we will not accept the book. We also cannot accept books that have significant damage; binder, teacher, and international editions are also ineligible.

From time to time, books that students send us don’t match the books on the buyback order – sometimes the condition is not as good as represented, in other cases it’s simply not the same book. In those cases, we cannot process the buyback payment but instead our third-party partner will hold the book for 14 days in their warehouse. You may contact us within this time to have the book returned to you at your expense. If you do not contact us, acehomeworktutors will treat this as an abandoned book and may direct our third-party partners to donate the book to charity, liquidate it or recycle it.

Abandoned Books:

Acehomeworktutors may need to contact you to determine whether you wish to have books returned to you at your expense. This may occur, for example, if you return a book that has been damaged beyond repair and you are charged for a replacement book, or if you return the wrong book, or if you send the wrong book under Acehomeworktutors’s Buyback program or send a book under the Buyback program outside of the program’s time limits. In those circumstances, Acehomeworktutors will attempt to contact you at the email address you have on file with us to ask you what you would like us to do with the book. If you do not respond to Acehomeworktutors’s email within 14 days, Acehomeworktutors will assume you have abandoned the book, and Acehomeworktutors may direct our third-party partners to donate the book to charity, liquidate it or recycle it.

Gift certificates:

acehomeworktutors gift certificates never expire, and the recipient can use them toward any book that acehomeworktutors rents or sells, even shipping and tax. It’s an electronic certificate, which means that you can deliver it right away and they can start using it. It’s a credit on their acehomeworktutors account, so it won’t get lost. It may not be redeemed for cash.

acehomeworktutors credit:

acehomeworktutors Credit can be used toward any book that acehomeworktutors rents or sells, even shipping and tax. If you were given a credit from customer support, it may not be redeemed for cash.

acehomeworktutors coupon codes:

From time to time, acehomeworktutors may offer savings programs that give students a discount when they enter a code at checkout. acehomeworktutors may end the discount programs and expire these codes at any time without notice to the recipients. Coupon codes apply only toward the book rental or purchase cost; they do not apply to taxes, shipping, extension or late fees, or purchase fees.