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I will pay for the following article Personal Mythology. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As Robert Root shows us, creative non-fiction is a challenge to write and the following is my personal story about growing in China and wanting a better life in the United States of America (Root 2009).

An ancient civilization and an emerging economy in the heart of Asia, China is quickly developing one of the strongest countries in the world. Chinese products can be found all over the world and my country has exhibited phenomenal economic growth in a very short span of time. China has developed its economy while resisting pressures to democratize and has continued to develop inline with Maoist socialist thought. I read somewhere that the Chinese model of development is called “authoritarian capitalism” (Gat, 2001). I agree with this assessment and while I understood the potential for success in China growing up, I was also very aware that if I really wanted to succeed and have the personal freedoms that I so desperately craved as a young boy in China, I would have to pick up my life and move across the ocean to the United States of America. The American dream was a powerful force for me as a young boy. While I was aware that the opportunities were great, I also knew that the opportunities in America were greater and at the age of 17, I immigrated alone to the United States of America. I was drawn to the ideals of the American way: endless opportunity and personal freedoms which I knew I could never have in China. Although it is true that China today has shown incredible economic growth and it seems like opportunities to make money are everywhere, the people of China are not free and do not share the freedoms that people in this country have come to take for granted. China’s history and traditions are too strong and the people there today look to the West with a mixture of suspicion and envy.&nbsp.I came here because I wanted to make my life in the United States and benefit from the mixture of opportunity, quality of life, and freedom.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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