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Need an argumentative essay on Critically evaulate the theories related to choice and behaviour how they could be utilised to influence the client behaviour and choice. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ves a comprehensive picture that completes the puzzle for marketing specialists and hence goods and services manufacturers – it helps them understand how consumers’ choice is motivated and how they can influence the this decision or adjust to consumers’ needs keeping in mind the information of these mechanisms. Thus, consumer psychology is aimed at predicting, describing and offering methods of influence on consumer responses (Sue Loroz & Cronley).

The decision-making as a constituent of consumer behavior is a complex process that is the subject to the influence of numerous factors (Beresford & Sloper, 2008). People are living beings with their own individual preferences and habits, emotions and desires – these specific factors produce an impact on our choice and psychological peculiarities of decision-making process (Luce, 2005, p.23-28). The process itself is understood as a cognitive process presupposing selection of the most favorable alternative among those offered and including choice as the outcome of it. Moreover, choice made by consumers might convey symbolic meaning and describe self-identity of an individual. However, the self-identity is reflected rather in choice of non-utilitarian items that presupposes impact of personal factors, than in utilitarian ones that are chosen for their function only (Iyengar, 2010, p. 104).

So, choice is understood as a result of the decision-making process involving evaluation and judgment about various alternatives (two or more for choice to be possible). The options an individual faces while choosing should be of certain positive value, and decision is made in favor of the one possessing higher positive value. There are plenty of different models and theories focusing on explanation of consumers’ behavior and decision-making process, i.e. cognitive processes underlying the choice. According to the recent researches, theories, principles and models of decision-making are divided into descriptive, normative

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