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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Career Options.

s skills in software graphics and programming, be imaginative and creative, able to cope with the changing technology, have good communications and interpersonal skills and flexible to work under extreme situations. Web developers are employed across all industries from retails to finance as well as other private and public organizations. Most employers expect web developer’s applicants to have relevant degree education, with an added advantage of postgraduate certification in the relevant field.

I agree with the post because the ideal duty of a computer programmer is to develop programs for organizations or companies. Coding is the main task that computer programmers work on. They test programs before selling or implementing them in the work place. However, i disagree with the post because computer programmers earn more than $74,240 per year.

I also disagree with the post since it takes more than the four or five years of studying computer programming to become one. Apart from the classroom teaching, computer programmer undertake professional course in order to adopt in various programming platforms. Generally, computer programmers earn around $7000 dollars to $8000 a month (Soloway, Elliot, and Spohrer

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