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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic In what respects has the process of globalization changed the international political agenda.

s closer and has created a level of interdependence between these nations, where the economies, social structures and security relationships of these countries have been connected in an interwoven web of an intricate delicacy.(Skolnikoff,2001).

There are still those who suggest that the world has “gone beyond interdependence”, to the point that there has become “a tightly woven fabric of international agreements, organizations, and institutions that shape relations with each other and penetrate deeply into their internal economics and politics.” (Chayes &Chayes, 1995).

Due to this, many people argue that the phenomenon of globalization has created a sense of demarcation of boundaries and territories and has threatened the age old concept of the Nation-state. Linklater (1998) comments that globalization has created a sense of pressure on the political systems of the world and “it has become essential to question the assumption that citizenship has no meaning apart from the sovereign nation-state”. This idea that the world has been interconnected to the point that there has arisen a lack of national identities has had far reaching impacts around the world and has not only effected social and economical factors of countries around the world but also the international political ideals and agendas. He says that “globalization and fragmentation erode traditional conceptions of the community and reduce the moral significance of national boundaries.

Putzel (2004) is of the opinion that “patterns of globalization and liberalization need to be examined in light of their political consequences, especially in the context of situations of state collapse and violent conflict”. , a fact which has had a transformational effect on the terrain of politics and the political agendas of countries around the world. The author suggests that this movement of globalization which has weakened the concept of Nation-State and has instated a sort of semi-democracy in most

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