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Write 13 page essay on the topic Tesco Supermarket Supply Chain.

This paper stresses that&nbsp.the resilience of the global supply chains and their ability to overcome obstacles continually deliver their core values in the face of disruptions is currently one of the most important concerns in supply chain management. Although the increasingly globalized and interconnected world market has resulted in highly sophisticated supply chains vital for the competitiveness of multinational companies, it has also contributed to development of a highly complex, volatile, uncertain, interlinked and global nature of the supply chains has in increased their vulnerability in many fronts. A recent study conducted by Aon Risk solutions revealed that the percentage of global companies.This essay highlights that many global businesses are currently competing internationally by working with their global suppliers, outsourcing as well as marketing their products world wide. Consequently, with the increasing competiveness of today’s global markets, there is an urgent need for the optimization of the supply chains through effective management of transportation, product plans, inventory and information flow to enhance customer experience and ultimately improve their competitive advantages.&nbsp.However, achieving resiliency in the supply chains particularly in the retail industry is a highly complex process that involves integrating key business processes and networks amongst different companies such as producers, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in an international context.

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