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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Companies Go Global, But Many Managers Just Don’t Travel Well. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. 

Each and every company’s measure of success is the fact that they have penetrated both local and global markets. The global market is an added advantage because it means that the goods and services that they produce have an international appeal. This means more revenue, continued exposure and more global offices all over the world. This paper will review the article written by Carol Hymowitz (Hymowitz, 2000). It will look at the various descriptions and attitudes of the American manager and their level of success. It will also dissect why other managers are looking at the American manager with envy, despite their manners. It also aims to educate other managers on how to conduct sound, profitable business practices globally.

The article looks at the sentiments of managers from other countries and their opinions of the American manager. What comes out clearly is that the American manger is perceived to be extremely successful. This is as a result of the combinations of various factors. They are in many instances deemed as non global people. This means that they do not take time to understand the culture, language or mannerisms of the people that they are conducting business (Hymowitz, 2000). The American mangers have engrossed themselves in a culture of “they know it best”. They have an attitude of things being done their way or no way at all. Despite all this, they are ranked as the most powerful mangers running powerful, and extremely sophisticated organizations. The author of the article states simply that the American manger could do much for the organization that he or she represents. This is through adherence to a strict global outlook that makes the entire globe eager to conduct business with the Americans.

Any American manger wanting to break ground in new territory should understand the region has its own climate. This means that they have policies, rules, regulations, language, religion, mode of expression and a strict sense of a culture that units them. They should understand that they have a unique business acumen that represents them as a globe or country. The way to succeed in such a country is by adhering to the people’s way of life at all times. The act of management should encompass what the employees of that region expect of their manager. This means that if an American country wants to appeal to clients in an Islamic nation, it has to adhere to certain basic Islamic concepts. The employees should have a separated area where they can hold their prayer sessions as per Islam Laws. The manger should ensure that the company that he, or she represents is a clear example of decency in dress code, and behavioural practices. This will appeal more to the targeted client who contributes significantly to the growth and success of the company (Hymowitz, 2000).

In conclusion, the success of any organization is represented by the employees and the organization’s clients. This shows that the American manager or any other manager targeting success in the global environment has to adhere to certain codes and practices. This ensures that, despite its location or target population, the business gels into the environment accumulating as much profit as it can (Hymowitz, 2000). This is an added advantage to employees and the country’s revenue collection from the company in the form of tax. There are so many organizations and companies that have opened up offices globally. Many of them ended up closing and incurring huge losses. This is as a result of their lack of coordination that would aid them to gel into the global environment.


Hymowitz, C. (2000). Companies go global, But many managers just don’t travel well. New York: Wall Street Journal.

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