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Balance Sheet

                       Cash                           $77,500

                       Receivables               $336,000

                       Inventories               $241,500

                       Total Current Assets $655,000

                       Net Fixed Assets       $292,500

                       Total Assets              $947,500

                       Accounts Payable     $129,000

                       Notes Payable           $84,000

                       Other Current Liabilities $ $117,000

                       Total Current Liab.   $330,000

                       Long-term Debt        $256,500

                       Common Equity        $361,000

                       Total Liab. &

                       Equity                        $947,500

           Income Statement

                       Sales                          $1,600,000

                       Cost of Goods Sold   $1,200,000

                       Depreciation                  $145,000

                       EBIT                           $255,000

                       Interest Expense      $90,000

                       EBT                            $165,000

                       Taxes                         $57,750

                       Net Income                $107,250

a.        Using the Dupont Model, calculated each component (profit margin, total asset turnover and equity multiplier as well as the return on equity for XYZ Company

b.        Calculate the Operating Cash Flow

 c.        Calculate Net Working Capital (NWC)

d.        Calculate Net Operating Working Capital (NOWC)

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