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Prepare a 500-750 word essay in which you:

Examine Consequence Management (CM) in the context of response planning.  You should:

  • Recount the doctrine of tiered response as emphasized within the National Response Framework (NRF).
  • Outline the key tasks related to the three phases of effective response (prepare, respond, and recover); and then
  • Select an event having occurred on US soil in which CM was evidenced. 
  • Synopsize the event and use it as a backdrop to illustrate the application of two of the three phases of response.
  • Be specific, support your assertions.

Of those phases of response addressed, which did you find the most critical in the given event?  Why?

Your work should be a minimum of 500 words and should utilize APA 6th Ed. formatting.

Supporting Materials

  • Rubric 300-400 courses.doc(42 KB)


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