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Read Chapter Eleven of The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (textbook: Lau and Johnson).

Part 1

Review the material in Chapter 11 of the textbook. Then, go to the discussion forum for Unit 7 and engage in a dialogue with your classmates on the following topic:

  • Sometimes companies move their corporate headquarters out of their home countries to countries with more favorable tax treatment. Which duty do you believe is higher, the duty of corporations to pay tax to government or the duty of corporations to pay dividends to shareholders? Be sure to explain your answer.
  • Should the concerns of stakeholders other than shareholders be taken into account by corporations?
  • Why are taxes often more of an issue with corporations than with other business entities?

Cite any reference in apa format.  

Part 2

Research the requirements for starting a corporation in the United States, India, and China. What are the basic requirements? Is the process easy or difficult for each country? How do you think the ease or difficulty of forming a corporation affects the economic efficiency of each country? Research the issue online to assist you in developing supporting facts and arguments for your positions. You will find helpful information at the China Law Blog for Chinese corporate formation requirements. For information on Indian corporate laws, visit the Web site of India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs. For your discussion of requirements in the United States you may rely on information in the textbook or visit Web sites for individual state corporation agencies, such as Delaware’s Division of Corporations. Prepare an essay of at least 1,500 words. 

The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, and include a final source list.  

Part 3 

In addition, the student should consider the following question for reflection: Limited liability business forms are generally created by the government. Given this fact, to what extent is it appropriate for the government to interfere in the operations of such a limited liability entity?

 Mimum of 200 words. Cite refrences in apa format.

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