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9. For the upcoming semester, I have a teaching load of 13 hours, meaning that I am expected to be in the classroom for 13 hours a week. In any given week, how many seconds would I be in the classroom?

10. You need to make mashed potatoes, so you buy a 12 pound bag of Russet potatoes from the grocery store. To the nearest tenth of a kilogram, how many kilograms of potatoes are in the bag? Take a kilogram to be equivalent to 2.21 pounds.

11. The height of your father is 79 inches. What is his height to the nearest centimeter, if there are 2.54 centimeters in an inch?

12. A Canadian driving from Quebec to Montreal finds he has traveled 265 km. How many miles is this? There are 1.61 km in 1 mi.

13. A tree is 180 ft high. To the nearest tenth of a meter, how tall is it in meters? There are 3.28 ft in 1 m.

14. The speedometer of a European sportscar gives its speed in km/h. To the nearest integer, what is the car’s speed in mi/h when the speedometer reads 320 km/h?

15. Just based off of their prefixes, how many microphones are in a megaphone? Hint: micro- = one-millionth; mega- = one million

16. The diameter of an atom is roughly 104 times the diameter of its nucleus. If the nucleus of an atom were 2 mm across, how many feet across would the atom be? Round your answer to one decimal place.

17. To the nearest square foot, how many square feet are there in an area of 5.5 square meters?

18. A raised flower bed requires 28 cubic feet of garden soil. You can get a good deal by importing the soil, but it is sold from the dealer in cubic meters. To the nearest hundredth, how many cubic meters of soil is needed? There are 3.28 feet in 1 meter.

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