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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Bipolar disorder type 1.

Treatment is demanding with stakeholders having to deal with the commitments and outcomes that come with treatment and post-treatment procedures. Society has to address the needs of such patients hence need for efficient nursing and health care. With proper medical attention, patients can turn their lives around and become productive in the society. The disorder can be addressed with timely diagnosis and efficient treatment procedures. Health facilities have a key role to play in nursing and care of the affected patients regardless of age.

Bipolar is a disorder that is characterized by episodic manic and depressive moods that have extremes in polarity, and may impair the patient resulting in the inability to function in daily life activities. The patient portrays inflated self-esteem, has a tendency to be overly talkative, and has reduced desire to sleep or rest. The patient tends to have new ideas. He engages more in goal and objective oriented activities, and his focus is easily distracted from a given issue. Moreover, patients also portray a daring attitude in engaging in risky activities (Bengesser, 2013). The patient at time is disrupted as the symptoms are severe enough to hamper his ability to engage in constructive activities and engage socially with others. The patient tends to be unrealistic and illogical, and the situation can escalate making him psychotic (Goodwin, 2010). A patient with Bipolar I disorder could experience a minimum of one “mixed” incident at a given time. As such, the patient goes through phases of ups and downs (Bengesser, 2013). The patient at one moment is excited, has remarkable self-esteem, but then the situation reverses to a low mood hence the term mixed episode. The patient has no stable mood sequence and the reactions to everyday social situations are varied. The mood swing disrupts him/her and performs poorly in constructive activities (Goodwin, 2010). This would have some implication on

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