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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Electricity.

Moreover, the industrial sector and business of any country owes its development to the electricity system of that country. Energy consumption is also an omen of a country’s wealth, because higher consumption indicates a higher proportion of middle class, who can afford to utilize energy. (Hill)

This graph show that Global demand for Electricity is set to grow 76% by 2030 (source: WNA, July 2012) .This is only a little reflection of the whole story, whereas in developed countries like United States, frequent brownouts result when the consumption grows.

It also results in total blackouts at times of storms. In other countries such as India, it is getting difficult to fulfill the energy demand for domestic matters, resulting in power outages for several hours. This is worsened with the additional buying of electric appliances, inability of electric companies to generate electricity and illegal theft by people. But, frequent brownouts or prolonged blackout affect the sales of electrically powered products. A major part of the electricity generated every year goes to power electrical appliances at home such as televisions, computers, kitchen appliances, etc.

Sudden blackout affects the performance of electrical appliances. Fluctuating voltage, which is the result of this blackout, causes lower operational efficiency in electrical appliances. This frequent brownout and prolonged shutdown affects the electrical appliances in a way that it increases the losses of the buyers, causes changes in power and voltage and premature wearing of the router. Blackout may also produce defective parts in automatic or computerized machines and it causes unwanted triggering of the units of UPS, thereby causing the malfunctioning of the security system and inconsistency in the speed of the motor.

All these defects that occur as a result of frequent

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