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Write 4 page essay on the topic Relationships of Power Featured in Virginian Luxuries.

In Tocqueville book, the unequal power relationship is revealed as he states that among those families of men, the first to attract attention, superior in intelligent and in power are white people. Negros and Indians appear below them. The blacks of United States had lost the remembrance of their countries and stopped talking the language of their forefathers and had ceased to be African. There is an unequal power among the groups as the less privileged races are to adopt the cultures and the beliefs of the white community (Johnson). . The Future that Tocqueville Predicted for These Groups The three groups’ future was not great, according to Tocqueville. He states that he believed that Indians nations in North America were doomed to perish, and the race will have ceased to exist. He said that the Indians will die in the same isolated state they had lived. The destiny of the blacks was interwoven with that of the Europeans. He didn’t see great future for the three groups because Indians did not want to conform to the European culture and opted to die with their civilization. While blacks though willing to adapt to the culture were still viewed as slaves. Tocqueville predicted the whites and blacks will never mix with equality or even with civility. The two races, blacks, and Europeans were fastened to each other without intermingling and are unable to separate or to combine. He saw the possibility of black and white racial conflict in the South in the future (Johnson).

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