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Compose a 2500 words essay on Relationship Reading Project 2. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The ideal result expected of a marriage is ‘to flow together harmoniously’ from the day they tie the knot and take the oath of mutual allegiance. They try to find a common goal, and they respect the goals of each other. The happy couples develop a find sense of anticipation and are familiar with the contextual expectations of the partner. They store the essential information about the partner and style their responses accordingly to take care of the small and big desires of the partner. They try to nurture mutual dreams and co-operate in all possible ways to fulfill them. To enable them to find an amicable solution in the areas of conflicts like, equitable distribution of the household tasks, management if children, family budget and investments, disposition with near and dear ones, relations, and the serious issues like, drinking, drugs and smoking, extra-marital relations and the like, this “Love Lab” is the experimental spot. Gottman’s first conclusion is shocking. He asserts that that there are no happy couples, as there are no lasting emotional relationships without chronic conflict.(p.2) He asserts that there is something seriously wrong about the couples that have no chronic subjects to struggle and tackle with. Authentic relationship and emotional distance are not the alternative beats of the same heart. There is a problem with such hearts. Emotional detachment is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship, especially marriage. Dr. Gottman observes, “In fact, I am now able to predict whether a couple will stay happily together or lose their way. I can make this prediction after listening to the couple interacts in our Love Lab for as little as five minutes!”(p.2) His research laboratory has turned out to be the transformation center to hundreds of couple whose marriage has been running through a problematic phase.

Husband and wife are like two Public Relations Managers working for one institution who have equal powers. The name

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