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Since this homework requires us to use PSPICE to draw the circuit. Please also include the circuit and the simulation for the part C. Thank you

2. Design of an AM radio receiver tunable filterAM radio broadcasting has assigned channels, ranging from 540 kHz to 1,700 kHz and spaced at10-kHz intervals. Your assignment is to put together is simple filter circuit that will enable youto tune in to different radio stations in this band. You have a 200H inductor that is given to youbut need to buy a suitable trimmer capacitor (variable capacitor for tuning)

a- What should the tunable range of this capacitor be?

b- Now you need to buy a preamplifier to amplify the tuned in signal from the radio station.What should the input resistance of this preamplifier be?

c- Simulate the response of your filter in SPICE by plotting the transfer function (Vo/Vin infunction of frequency) of your filter when tuned to 540kHz, and to 1.7MHz to verify that youcan clearly tune in to a desired station.

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