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Newspaper: Introduction

In this unit, you have already read a variety of selections centered on the theme of wealth and poverty. You will remember that each unit in this course ends with a culminating project. In this unit, your culminating project will be to construct a newspaper based on this theme.

Your newspaper can be dated either in the past or in the future. However, the theme of wealth and poverty should be clearly apparent to the reader.

Your newspaper must contain these items:

  • 2 advertisements
  • 1 satirical essay
  • 1 opinion piece
  • 3 articles about a local, national, and international news event

Your advertisements must be original

Your opinion piece must reflect the theme of wealth and poverty. It must also state a clear opinion.

Your articles may reflect a real life event or they may be completely fictional just written like a standard newspaper article which answers the questions: who, what, when, where and why.

You may use the columns feature in MS Word to create newspaper columns. If you are more experienced, you may also try your hand at using MS Publisher which is a popular desktop publishing program. There are tutorials available for using both of these programs on the internet

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