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1. Consider the following question and proposed solution. Decide if the solution is correct.If the solution is correct, write “Correct.” If the solution is not correct, explain at least onemistake and answer the question correctly. Write your response on the next page. Do notwrite your response on this page. Question: A gas station company finds that with annual upkeep and certification, the mainte-nance cost (in hundreds of dollars) after at years for each fuel pump is 00:) = 9 — 0.6x + 0.01.762.After how many years is the average cost of the fuel pumps minimized? Round your answer tothe nearest whole number: Student’s work: Step 1: Find the average cost of C(x).9 — 0.6x + 0le2 E(x) = x = 9 — 0.6 + 0.011: = 8.4 + 0.01x.Step 2: Find the derivative of 60¢).30:) = 8.4.Step 3: Find the partition numbers of FCC) and make a sign chart.E’Lx) Und ——— O +++—e—$— O 8.4 Step 4: Draw conclusion: the answer is 8. Average cost is minimized after 8 years.

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