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William was awarded a contract to manufacture a sofa set for the Royal Palace. He was very excited, because this was the first royal contract that he managed to clinch. If he performed well, he would be awarded a second, bigger contract worth $1mil, which would give him a profit of $90k.

William ordered the materials needed for his manufacturing process from HArry. When he made his orders with Harry, William informed him that they were needed for a very important contract, and that he would secure a future contract worth $1mil if he managed to deliver on this contract.

However, Harry defaulted, and William had to scramble to get the materials from another supplier at a cost of 30% more. The last minute default by Harry also caused William to be delayed in fulfilling his contract. Therefore, he lost the opportunity to be awarded the second contract.

Explain what remedies William would be able to get from Harry in a court of law.

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