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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Making a Difference: Research and Development in Care for Older People.

However, these services are not fully utilized, especially among given ethnic and racial groups. It is not easy to ensure quality health care for older people, but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has programs that have been designed so as to make better the physical, hospital and nursing home care. Older people use a lot of health care services, have conditions that are complex, and need professional expertise that that meets their requirements (Nay, et al. 2013 pg 45). A lot of the providers get some type of training on aging. however, the percentage of those who actually specialize in the area is very small. More specialists who are certified are required to meet the needs of this group. It is obvious that the number of the older people is in the increase and they require quality health services and qualified health providers. The key message that comes out clearly is that. the demand for services is increasing for users utilizing the emergency department more so in elderly people and the return visits rate is very high because of the of the aging population which is fast increasing. Therefore, it is critical to change the way that we care for older people who have care needs that are urgent, to improve quality (including safety, outcome and experience) and efficiency. This should be done urgently (Royal College of Nursing, et al. 2000 pg 27).

My chosen audience are the service providers, relatives, and the patient themselves and the Federal Government agencies. The service providers should train and develop their staff in extended skills so as to make better the understanding and delivery for people who are old within a model that is psychosocial. They should also think clearly regarding special needs of older people in a clinical environment that is busy. The patient and the relatives will be involved in the decision making. Self education is very

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