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Find the absolute maximum value (if any) for f on the interval [-1,3], given that f(x)=2x-5x(4/5)+5

a) 5

b) no absolute max value

c) -7.6335

d) 32

e) -1.04111

f) none of the above

Find the value of x that gives the absolute minimum value of f (x) = 4x^3-9x^2+3 on the interval [1/2, 4]

a) 4

b) no such value of x

c) 0

d) 3/2

e) 1/2

f) none of the above

A store owner wants to set up a rectangular display area outside his store. He will use garage (which is 45 feet long) as part of one side of the display area. He has 240 linear feet of fencing material to use to fence in the display area. What is a function which expresses the total area of the display area in terms of the length x of the side of the display area opposite the building. 

a) A(x) = 240x-45

b) A(x) = (285/2)x+x^2

c) A(x) = 283/2+x^2

d) A(x) = (285/2)x-x^2

e) A(x) = 283/2+x

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