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  1. Provide any information given related to the validity and reliability of the data collection instrument in the discussion listed below:. I would like you to pick 1 article that is qualitative and 1 that is quantitative to answer the question.

When working with patients, it doesn’t matter their age or physical ability to walk. Almost all patients are at risk for falls. “Falls resulting in injury are a prevalent patient safety problem. Elderly and frail patients with fall risk factors are not the only ones who are vulnerable to falling in health care facilities. Any patient of any age or physical ability can be at risk for a fall due to physiological changes due to a medical condition, medications, surgery, procedures, or diagnostic testing that can leave them weakened or confused.” (The Joint Commission, 2015) With that being said, it is up to the nurse to identify the risk for falls and how to prevent them. This is where the team works together to devise a plan where they can prevent certain falls.

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