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Can someone please explain how i got this wrong? Thank you so much!

nhttps://codio.com/dlopez7/loops:5c171 1cbab68f03457dca422:yIR30Riv7A6p/tree/challenges%2Fsquared.py. . .7CodioProjectFileEditFindViewToolsEducationHelpConfigure…Project Index (static)@ Configure….. 0DLOPEZ7uared.pytimes-table.py6. 3. Squared# Get N from the command Lineimport sysCollapseChallengesN= int(sys . argv [1] )# Your code goes here6. 3. Squaredn=0for num in range (1, N+1) :calculate the sum of each value of N squared from 018n=n+num*numup to and including N.print (n)In mathematical notation, this is written as VMSo if we passed in 3, you would output02 – 12 – 22 4 32 – 14Check It!LAST RUN on 1/24/2019 10:05:04 AMProgram OutputProgram Failed for Input: 2Expected Output: 5Your Program Output:Your output was incorrect Try100% (9:10)Pythonagain.10:08 AMO Type here to search1/24/2019144fo 144Port scdeletehomeerid%&66Obackspace

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