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Need an argumentative essay on Impact of Advertising. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Materialistic appeal in advertising perpetuates desire to buy and consume and that is how an economy of any nation gets the necessary boost. When economy moves forward, numerous employment opportunities are created for everyone. More opportunities mean more income and that in turn, lifts living standard of society at large. After all, this has been the objective of humans since time immemorial. While materialism leads to more demand, advertising helps people in this endeavor to find newer things and consume. On consumers part, there is the continuous search to find improved products and services as made available by producers and suppliers. In this way, the interaction between consumers and marketers is a permanent affair and advertising is a strong tool to fulfilling consumers’ aspirations.

Advertising has played a key role in globalization and globalization has helped conserve precious resources to produce quality goods and make them available across the globe at the lowest possible costs. Examples are Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and Mitsubishi cars they are considered not only most fuel efficient but also compact and cozy by consumers. Toyotas previous ad ‘Moving Forward’ has now changed to ‘Lets Go Places’ intimate with more exciting products. The tagline is ‘inspirational, inclusive and very versatile’ (AdvertisingAge, 2012).

The past tagline between 1975 and 1979, ‘You asked for it. You got it’ made people run after Toyota cars and they became best sellers in the short period. It can be easily realized that these ads make a tremendous impact on people and prompt them to go for the best.

Advertising has a tremendous capacity to change the society. While wealth creation is a necessity for the well-being of people in the society, letting people know about new creations is equally important. And it happens through advertising because it helps companies spread messages to a large section of society, whether through print or electronic media, almost instantaneously.

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