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This is from Business Data Communications 6th edition by William Stallings.Exercise 2.13 : A multimedia version of a multivolume reference book is being prepared for storage on compact disk (CD-ROM). Each disc can store about 700 MB (megabytes). The input to each volume consists of 1000 pages of text typed 10 characters to the inch, 6 lines to the inch, on 8.5-by-11-in. paper with 1-in. margin on each side. Each volume also has about 100 pictures, which will be displayed in color at Super VGA resolution (1024×768 pixel, 8 b/pixel). Moreover, each volume is enhanced for the CD version with 30 min of audio of teleconferencing quality (16,000 smp/s, 6 b/smp).Ques.Suppose the text can be compressed at a 3:1 rate, the pictures at 10:1, and the audio at 2:1. How many volumes, exclusive of overhead, will fit on a CD? How long will it take to transmit a compressed volume on a T-1 channel?

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