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The morals of a business aim at expressing the vision of high-quality work, excellent workplace, preserve the conditions necessary to make work reasonable, just as well as benevolent. Work has a number of instrumental values such as. to make profits, feelings of fulfillment, get social rank, make a significant involvement to the society, get a sense of self-worthy, as well as self-esteem. The inherent value of work is to carry it out for its own sake. There are three theories about the nature and meaning of work. These include “The Convectional View of Work, Liberal Model and The Human Fulfillment Model” (Barry & Shaw, 2009). The best one is the Liberal Model. This is because. it is moderate and can be abided by both the employees as well as employers. This model gives individuals freedom to give views relating to the work being done. Therefore, employers can discuss with their staffs matters affecting them as well as payment agreements (Barry & Shaw, 2009). Work is therefore planned before execution, policies, as well as procedures that regulate employee’s behavior are set. In addition, a suitable workforce is recruited and workers are motivated through either incentives or encouragement to attain the organizations goal. Most preferred Model by the People

In my view, I believe that most people accept the Human Fulfillment Model, which is viewed based on the operational conditions for the employees, the remuneration given to them, rights, as well as reimbursements.

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