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hi im not sure how this question should be answered using the data given

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Consider the following regression modelY: = 50 + filei + fi2X2i + 533’s: + “1’Data for the relevant variables are in this file. Estimate the model using the OLS method. Use an F—test with the critical value method and a significance level of 10% to test H0 : 6,62 + 4,33 = 10 against H1 : 6,62 + 4,63 75 10. Show all your working. Your answer should include the relevant output for your estimatedregression models and details of their derivation. Also, you should state the null and alternativehypotheses, the significance level, the formula for the test statistic, the PDF of the teststatistic under the null hypothesis, the value of the test statistic, the critical value and your conclusion.

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