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Product mix

The Ooze Haircraft Corporation make two brands of hair treatment:Volossy, which is

produced under licence, and its own products Sedina. The company is in dispute with

its supplier of colourant and solidifier as a result of which the supplier is no longer taking

their orders. An alternative source of supply cannot be arranged for a month and Ooze

must plan production for the month with their stock of 480 litres of colourant and 900

litres of solidifier. A bottle of Volossy requires 3 millilitres of colourant and 9 millilitres of

solidifier. A bottle of Sedina requires 4 millilitres of colourant and 6 millilitres of solidifier.

The licensing agreement restricts production of Volossy to no more than 60,000 bottles

a month and commitments to existing customers mean that at least 20,000 bottles of

Sedina must be produced. The company makes £0.40 profit per bottle of Volossy and

£0.20 profit per bottle of Sedina.

Formulate using LP and solve graphically

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