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I will pay for the following essay Technical description of a Swingline Deluxe Staple Remover*. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This causes the folded edges on the reverse side to open up pulling through the entry holes. The method requires less time as compared to the fast method. However, it may have the undesirable effect of tearing the paper as the edges pull through. Usually, Tearing occurs when low-quality paper is used (Ness, 2013). Another simple method of using the staple remover is the “safe” method. The technique is most preferred because it reduces the risk of damage to the paper. The user is required to turn the paper to the side in which the prongs of the staple have been folded. The opposite pair of tines is then used to clip the prongs. The prongs are straightened and raised from the paper. The paper is the turned over to the front side against the side pressed by the main body of the staple. The tines are turned gently on each side of the remover. The remover’s halves are pressed together until they hold firmly on the staple. A firm hold on the staple is maintained until the entire staple is pulled out of the paper (Ness, 2013).

The staple remover has been assembled using blades, torsion springs, plastic grips, and pin axle. The pivoting blades are made of steel and interlock each other. Steel is harder than the ductile staple wire and is strong enough to withstand the force to remove it (Roberts, 2012). The plating of the chrome is rust resistant and is, therefore, suitable for use in the office environment.

The torsion spring is standardized and similar to the one found on other simple tools such as clothes pegs. It is made of steel that is chrome-plated and has two hooks. The material is used to ensure that the spring does not fail through fatigue because it has a point of minimum stress (Roberts, 2012).

The other part is the plastic grip. The part is not very necessary because the tool can be operating without it. It provides holding comfort to the user because they do not have to press their hands on a piece of metal. The

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