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  1. What ethical principles are at issue in each case? Provide and justify specific examples.
  2. What strategies were used to insure the standards of ethical research?
  3. Were those strategies successful? How and why?
  4. What alternate strategies might also have been used to achieve the same or better results?
  5. Which case study represents a better implementation of research ethics? How and why?

The Tea-Room Trade (Humphreys, 1975)

Humphreys took a participant-observer role as “watch queen” in order to study anonymous male homosexual activities in St. Louis’s Forest Park public restrooms. He followed the “Johns” to their cars and recorded their license numbers. Humphreys then posed as a market researcher to obtain their addresses from police registers.

About a year later, he disguised himself and gained entry to their homes by pretending to do health survey – including questions about sexual activity. Participants were never informed of their participation in a study or given the opportunity to withdraw.

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