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This homework assignment is simple: write a TOP TEN list of the things you think (KNOW?) Americans LOVE!!!

Why are we doing this? Because there are a couple of things in The Circle that might belong on your list!!!

Don’t include things you love. Don’t include what we (Americans) like, respect, need, or admire. Think of this as a BUSINESSPERSON. What THINGS do we LOVE?

You think we LOVE drugs? Really? If so, why does America spend BILLIONS fighting the war on drugs? Do we give kids DRUGS at Christmas or for their birthday? NO. The truth is we DO NOT LOVE DRUGS do we! Addicted? Yes. LOVE? NO!

You think we LOVE SEX? Really? Why do we “freak out” whenever we see a tiny bit of nudity on network TV? Why is prostitution illegal and porn seen as harmful and shameful? Do we love sex? I am not convinced. However, if you really believe Americans LOVE SEX, prove it. Write a few sentences that prove your idea is true!

OK, so let’s see…I will give you the first two:

1. Money : Is there really any debate? You might not LOVE money, but Americans DO!

2. Guns = We are the ultimate gun culture – the only product guaranteed (some say) in the Constitution. Want to start a fight? Talk about guns, the need for gun control, the NRA and the arguing will soon begin.









The first two (money and guns) are not really debatable. US history proves this is true. The other 8 items are open to debate.

However, before you write your list, I want you to really think about your list.

– So before you put family on your list, think about the sad state of the foster care system (child care) and think about how we treat the elderly in our country. Some cultures DO love family! But, do Americans? REALLY??? Why do people dread the holidays? Many say because they have to spend time with their family.

Freedom? Kids? Education? Religion? Good ideas…but TOP TEN??? You will have to prove it.

Now, you can finish your list. Write a brief sentence of two or three after each of your ideas and explain why you think it belongs in the TOP TEN!

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