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Cartoons such as Hercules and Aladdin use creative ideas from Greek stories to create episodes of their programs. Children literature such as comics and novels are another area that has been influenced by this culture. Many creative pieces of children literature contain ideas and notions borrowed from ancient Greek mythology. The Ancient Greek mythology also influenced many national governments in the area of finance and economy. Many of the local governments have incorporated the use of Greek mythological artwork and design in the creation of their national currencies. A close look at many notes and coins used as local currency prove of this. The design and shape of the money will indicate that many ideas borrowed from the ancient Greek artwork.

Ancient Greek mythology has greatly influenced modern architecture and design. Many famous national buildings and facilities have borrowed artistic themes from the ancient Greeks. They have skillfully adapted the design and creativity that they have gathered from studying ancient mythological architectural drawings and managed to incorporate them into modern ideas (Tessowen, 2012). The entertainment industry has also greatly benefited from classic mythology. Many movies have themes based on classic mythology, with the entertainment industry adopting their versions of movies such as “The Legend of Hercules”, “Spartacus”, “Troy” and others. These films have gone on to be mostly familiar and rake in massive amounts of revenue. The music industry has also adapted themes from classical mythology. Musicians sing songs relating to ancient Greek mythology, and many bands have names and themes related to the ancient Greek culture. Ancient Greek mythology inspires marketing in many ways. Many corporations consistently use these ideologies in marketing and branding their products. It is common to see advertisements with people dressed in ancient

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