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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Module Three Politicians/Influential Political People.

g insulation, bill on solar for all, bill on protecting wildlife from toxic lead ammunition, bill on investing in cleaner cars, bill on mattress recycling, bill on community solar power while bills like the one on new options for transit- oriented development and bill on commuter dividends on pollution and pocketbook savings failed.

1. An executive order is any rule or orders issued by the president to a branch that is executive in the government and has full force of law. It’s usually meant to help the officers and agencies of the branch manage their operators within the federal government itself.

Fox News host, Glenn Blake has 32 Obama czars on his website.32 were confirmed by the Senate with Director of National Intelligence, the chief performance officer and also with the deputy interior secretary all of which have czars. 8 have not been appointed by the president including the Great lakes czar who is EPA appointed and the border czar who has been appointed by secretary Homeland Security. Also 15 listed are from the previous administration (George Bush). Only eight of the 32 listed have been appointed by President Obama, unconfirmed or are brand new. Special ones include the representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, chair of Automotive Task Force, special advisor to the renowned green jobs amongst others. Where applicable the salaries have been indicated :Ed Montgomery – Auto recovery Czar, Ron Bloom – Car Czar, Dennis Ross – Central Region czar, Lynn Rosenthal – Domestic Violence Czar , Gil Kerlikowske – Drug Czar, Paul Volcker – Economic Czar, Carol Browner – Energy and Environment Czar, Joshua DuBois – Faith-Based Czar, Cameron Davis – Great Lakes Czar, Daniel Fried – Guantanamo Closure Czar, Nancy-Ann DeParle – Health Czar ($158000), Vivek Kundra – Information Czar, Todd Stern – International Climate Czar, Jeffrey Crowley – AIDS Czar ($102000), Alan Bersin – Border Czar, David J. Hayes – California Water Czar, Dennis Blair – Intelligence Czar, George

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