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Compose a 1250 words essay on Application of M-commerce in Human Resource Management. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Mobile commerce is one such evolving areas of technology that is gaining lot of attention these days. It is a concept that is fast growing and is adopted in all types of business environment in order to get efficient as well as thorough results. Mobile commerce which is most commonly known as M-Commerce is the capability to carry on with any particular business transaction or commerce by making use of the mobile devices which includes that of mobile phones, smart phone, Personal Digital Assistant of PDA as it is commonly known as, and other such evolving technological equipments like that of the latest dash top mobile phone device. If one wants to get deeper into mobile commerce then it would be any sort of transactions which includes that of rights of ownership on a specific goods or services and the entire process of initiation or completion of the commercial activity should be carried out by making use of the mobile phone (Mennecke B 2003). Everything right from purchase to that of selling of the products and services are now carried out using a mobile device. Some of the most common areas of services includes mobile banking, mobile brokerage, participating in auctions, mobile purchase facility and that of mobile marketing and advertising activity. The impact that mobile commerce is having over human resource management is very wide. In order to make a business model successful, adequate care and attention needs to be paid to that of the human resource management which is the crux of any organizations’ growth. Proper human resource management serves to be the winning formula. In this ever growing world, things get more advanced and complicated. Human resource area needs extra effort and there should be proper line of communication and well thought out approach. The best would be to act quickly on any human resource related issues which act as the pillar of confidence for the business (Stair R 2012). Using mobile commerce technology for managing human resource is the only best way to gain what one wants to. Everything right from regular checkups, accounting, resource allocation, tracking the performance of the individual can be carried out using a mobile commerce service. There are several types of platforms and functions that are released which makes the application of mobile commerce in human resource management a valuable asset for better managements and success of the business. An organization is a combination of many things and the responsibility levels are higher. There are many essential aspects to look for in an organization and it should be properly managed in order to derive high performance (Xu J 2009). In the recent times, there are many sort of mobile commerce devices that are evolving big time. The mobile device is connected to the computer network directly and all of the information regarding the resources can be accessed directly. The mobile commerce facility in mobile phone not only provide with the ability to access the available materials in common network but also offers with the capacity to make any changes or take actions directly. Human resource field is a wide area and if not properly managed or arranged it will bring in more problem to the company and business. The latest mobile device that is launched recently comes with a better facility to track each and every activity of the resources (Branki C 2008). A human resource mobile application can

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