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Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Personal reflective journal examining key positive psychological constructs.

Everyone wants to have the freedom to do the things they want to do, this is because everyone abides in the principle of pursuit of happiness. In happiness, humans find glory, peace and freedom. What does it need to be happy? Does a person need to be rich? Strong? Influential? I believe it is more than that. There are those who have everything in life, yet they are not happy. And there are those who could not eat three times a day but are pretty satisfied with their lives. Take for example the people in Middle East, they are being threatened by wars every day. Death, starvation and fear are common elements of their day to day lives, but they could still manage to dream of a bright future for them and for their families (Burke, 1993). Whenever I hear success stories of people from Middle East in television, I realize that life’s problems could be overcome by aspiration and willingness to succeed.

It’s Tuesday already,prior to my critical point of realization: I was less of an ordinary person. There was nothing exciting in my life. I worked to eat, I ate to live and I lived because I had to. While it is true that humans mature as they grow, I thought that I was just going to stay psychologically and socially stunted for the rest of my life. I always wonder why soldiers sent to the most dangerous parts of the world still manage to laugh, play cards and drinks with their friends while on battle. Perhaps this is one of the tangible proofs that life is about psychological mindset and perception towards the world (Harris, 1992, p.185).

I write for a major newspaper in one of the most progressive cities in the world. My editor once said that I was one of the best writers she ever met, and that I would be a very successful author someday. I really could not tell whether she was lying or not. Well, I don’t have the capability to tell other people’s emotions, feelings and sentiments. I do not have that much friends. While my readers keep on

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