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Need an argumentative essay on The politics of language/Language issues. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

These should not only be restricted to Greek and Latin, but be extended to other languages.

This book can be so resourceful while conducting a research on the second language acquisition. It is relevant as it contains all the necessary guidelines that can be followed by a second language instructor. In a large number of the chapters, the author has explained much about second language acquisition. So, in the research, it would have to be used. In it, accurate, well-researched, authoritative and credible information can be sourced.

In the Second Language Curriculum, Johnson Robert writes on the curriculum of a second language. In this book, the author provides a comprehensive coverage of a typical syllabus that should be adopted by teachers while teaching their learners about a second language. According to his research, a good curriculum should distinguish native and non native speakers. Therefore, any student who speaks a language, for example English as a second language, should be keenly instructed to ensure that they grasp the knowledge without many struggles. As a scholar, Robert appeals to the top educationists and decision makers to ensure that the curriculum design for the teaching of a second language is not similar to that of the native speakers. Each of them requires a different approach because of their backgrounds.

This book can also be so valuable while carrying out a research on second language acquisition. It spells out the appropriate design of the curriculum that should be used while teaching a second language. He uses lots of examples to illustrate how a curriculum should look like. Therefore, such a curriculum, if adopted as designed, can help in ensuring that the work of teaching a second language is a success.

Here, Jordens, Peter and Josine A. Lalleman carry out an investigative study on the acquisition of second language. They say that second language has always proven

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