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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic No Name Woman By Maxine Hong Kingston and On Seeing England for the First Time By Jamaica Kincaid.

The author explores how this issue, is a presence in the real life. It is vivid that adultery is a presence in works of literature whereby the writers actually discuss real lie events in their work, and Maxine doesn’t only write form her point of view but also from the opinions of other people who are involved in adultery.

On Seeing England for the First Time” By Jamaica Kincaid

It is vital to note that at the end of the book, Kincaid is happy that she “was unable to draw a map of England correctly” (Maxine 1019). She states this because she was happy as she never liked the stay in England. Her motherland was never at England, and therefore did not have any clue of the real outlook of England.in addition, populaces from England seemed to be better than her, this is the reason that makes her feel that the instructor wanted her to see herself as irrelevant. Another notable aspect of this book is the title of the book, there is a perfect reason as to why Kincaid named her book “On Seeing England for the First Time”? This is despite the fact that this was not actually the first time that she was in England. In an actual sense she never laid a foot in England, she just had a view of the map and not the country itself. The there only way England came to her was via the government, her products and education.

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