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Write a 14 page essay on What strategies can policy makers employ to promote successful policy implementation.

The researchers of this generation have identified that the research implementation process is not as simple as it is thought to be and there are a lot of complications that need to be considered. This generation has identified that there are several factors that are involved in the implementation of policy and these factors somehow influence the policy implementation therefore it is important to identify and consider these factors as well (Hill, 1997)

On the other hand, the second generation is a bit realistic and it is considered as the classical generations to be too pessimistic. The scholars in the second generations are Berman, O’Toole and O’Toole and Montjoy, Hjern and Porter, and Tasmanian and Sabatier. This generation has kept its focus on the top-bottom approach and bottom-top approach. This generation has debated whether the top-bottom approach or bottom-top approach should be implemented for successful results. This generation has demonstrated that the implementation is a political process and to a great extent ignored other factor which has been later criticized by the third generation (Pitts, 2006).

The last but not the least generation is the third generation or the analytical generation. This last generation is called the analytical generation as the researchers in this generation have more focused on the methods being used rather than the results that have been achieved. This generation has been criticized both the previous generations for ignoring the social factors. This generation called for better methods and more social factors within the implementation process. It could be said that this generation was not concerned regarding the failure or success of the process but were more interested in learning and understanding how the process works. This generation was more focused on improving the methods and procedures that could used to implement the policy successfully.


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