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Need an argumentative essay on Career Management Program. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

To have a clear concise and succinct career management program, it is recommended to the top management of the Vision Plus Limited to initiate certain measures that would reduce the employee turnover ratio and would enhance the quality of work .De-stressing of the pressurized and frustrated employees is the immediate need. The company should prepare its work force for the challenge that it sets for them. So, a dedicated module of training and development is highly recommended. The employees should also have clear view of their career path and so more career oriented workshops are highly essential. The company can also seriously consider the options like decentralization and more levels of hierarchies as it would have two fold objectives, more career prospects for front line executives and reduced work pressures for the higher levels of supervisors.

The Vision Plus Limited has been deeply affected by the high employee-turnover ratio along with the falling market share and the reducing profitability. The company has the turnover ratio at 60% where as the market share has reduced by 20% in last four years. There have been repeated complaints against the organization and has been making the newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons time and again. The morale of the employees are at all time low and most of the better performers have already left or on the verge of leaving (serving the notice period). Also, it has failed to recruit the best of the lots in spite of numerous campus drives in the trying times of job cuts and financial slowdown and has been remarked as one of the leading worst employers in one of the surveys.

The company named ‘Vision Plus Limited’, established in 1995, has been one of the leading sales firm of financial products within few years of its incorporation. But since the year 2005, the acquired market share of the company is on the decreasing side. The prime reason identified for such falling

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