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Firms supply the goods and services that we as households demand. So what are people looking to buy? Why do they select one product over another?Can free markets really allocate scarce resources in such an uncontrolled and often chaotic marketplace?Search the news for stories related to the supply and/or the demand for a product that you find interesting.Perhaps something that you recently purchased or are considering for a future purchase. What’s in the news and how can you use economic principles to become a better shopper? Do not copy and paste directly from the article except for small quotes that help explain your summary. Use quotations marks for anything that is directly from the news story. Include the EXACT URL that can be clicked to directly retrieve the news story you selected at the end of your paper for citation purposes. NOTE: This is NOT the link to the news organization. The URL must retrieve the actual news story.Be sure to reference all sources using APA format.

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