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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Peer Review journal Article.

According to Thierry, et.al (2005) this factor should also be considered while generating questionnaires for children. This is done to avoid attaining of null results from interviewing children. Children also shape their thinking and psychological responses depending on their surroundings. In an argument by Thierry, et.al (2005) children exposed in environment where cheating and deceit is allowed they stand at a high probability of providing responses that have deceit. Unlike adults, children do not have the psychological strength to come up with personal made decisions. They require a path that directs their way to response. In an analysis provided by Thierry, et.al (2005) children raised in Christian families are the most truthful children. The author places the percentage results at 89 percent. This is because the environment they are in ensures that their psychology response is based on telling the truth. From these factors one may obviously argue that children may be the best witnesses and the worst witnesses depending on the complexity of the event and their psychological boundaries.

Observation of a child’s character may yield different results. This same scenario is similar to the interview on their behavior. When analyzing behavior, children observations and interviews are not the best options that could be used to determine their traits. Unlike adults children react to what they know as right regardless of the truth about it. This is greatly determined by the environment they are in. However, observation of a child behavior yields more accurate data than interviews.

Thierry, et.al (2005) argues that children are more accurate in acting what they feel than in saying what they feel. The author further argues that children do not have the psychological power to role play in real situations. However, during interviews a child’s perception could be changed by many factors that may hinder getting the required information. The information

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