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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: BP Company Oil Spills.

Furthermore, this oils pill led to numerous ethical issues that BP should have addressed, some of this issues are discussed below.

&nbsp.The independent scientists and other examiners were denied the opportunity to research and determine the rate at which the oil was spilling by the BP Company. The scientists would have reduced the impact of the oil spill to the community if they would have been given the chance to assess the rate of the spill. Having said this, the ethical issue is, if indeed BP Company denied the independent scientist the opportunity of to examine the extent of the damage caused by the oil spill, then how would the company get to know where the problem was and come to effective conclusions. In addition, it was quite surprising that the government was unable to process the needs of the press and newsmakers to be able to enter into the site that had caused this damage, even though BP Company could have had various reasons for this, it was not fair since it did not follow a transparent process. Therefore, the ethical issue here is that there was no disclosure of information by both the company and the US government to the citizens thus making them to “stay in the dark.”

Moreover, the legal security in the Mexican Gulf is incomplete as well as incomprehensive since it did not raise any penalty to the company for causing health and mental related damages to the wildlife living in that area (Freudenburg & Gramling 2011). Therefore, there is an ethical issue of the lack of animal and wildlife protection regulation that would punish the company. In addition, the company did not appropriately take charge of the oil spill situation since they did not give any warnings to the public. Ethically, the company was supposed to show great sorrow and regret as well as the oil spill tragedy instead of engaging itself in multiple blame games.

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