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Write a 3 page essay on Legal aspects of Nursing- Homework # 5 raquel.

Their testimony shows that the procedure for documentation of narcotics given was not keenly followed because most nurses did the documentation during their breaks and free time. It is shown that most of them documented when they had forgotten the number of patients given the narcotics. In the court, the suspended nurse can argue that the difference in figures may have resulted from forgetting the figures.

I would have ruled in favor of the suspended nurse. This is because. there is no credible evidence that solely links the nurse to the missing drugs. From the evidence, the nurse has been diligently working for 25 years with no past records of such an incidence. In addition, the nurse was not found in possession of the drugs hence lack of solid evidence linking her to the drugs.

The institution has enhanced patient safety by putting in place a computerized medicine cabinet. This cabinet ensures enhanced distribution and better monitoring of narcotics. The nurses were also required to document the narcotic usage and hence record the dosage, time, and method of administration. This shows that the institution was committed to the safety of its patients.

The nurses are negligent in their duties. As a nurse, one ought to put the patient’s interest first by ensuring that records of the patient are properly kept for future use (Thompson, 2005). Lack of proper recording shows the unwillingness and laziness of the nurses to take care of the patients and therefore they are negligent.

The organization must consider the failure of its nurses to do a proper documentation on drugs issued to patients. It must also look at ways in which close supervision is to be made on nurses so that they follow rules and regulations. In addition, in the case where nurses do not follow the guidelines of a physician and opt for IV route instead of IM injection, strict rules and supervision should be imposed.

The defendants in this case are

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