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Hi, need to submit a 4000 words essay on the topic Mental health and its impact on children.

During these early ages, treatment was archaic, primarily involving therapy and counselling within community settings. Although there was no organised methodical care, there was a strong culture involving documentation and description of mental ailments. This paved way for heightened interest in mental health, hence the emergence of organised societal settings for research and care in form of asylums in the 19th century (Bewley, 2008). Treatments offered in these early asylums were primitive, involving oral administration of experimental sedatives such laudanum and bath therapies, aimed at calming down disturbed patients. These asylums barely distinguished the causes of mental health issues. They usually provided similar long term boarding care for a broad array of patients including individuals with learning problems, epilepsy, dementia from different causes, and even perceived “moral defects” (Burton, 2001). With time, however, asylum care progressed significantly, incorporating advanced drug and psychiatric treatment. The latter progress made way for de-institutionalisation of mental health care in England, in the mid to late 20th century. Closure of asylum-like institutions, as provided for under government policy, has led to development of the contemporary community-based mental health services. These modern mental health services are characterised by advanced and humane care (McCulloch, Glover, & St John, 2003). Despite the significant milestones reached in mental health service in the UK, poor mental health remains a challenge. According to a recent survey by the UK government, bad mental health is the primary causative factor of disability in the UK. The study also showed that poor mental health is closely linked to other problems such as physical ailments, poor social relationships, and reduced work productivity. This paper seeks to explore mental health and

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