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Write 5 page essay on the topic Ethical Argument.

Even so, Pope (530) warns against embracing such social change without understanding what is at stake. Despite the results of the opinion poll, only a handful of the American states allow the marriage between couples of the same sex with others reversing their earlier stand supporting the union. This could be an indication of the fact that this form of union goes against certain expected standard social norms. Therefore, same-sex marriage is socially deviant and should not be legalized.

Civil marriage refers to a legal contract or social unions between two persons with the government, through its officials, performing, recording and recognizing it (Corvino and Gallagher 11). Marriage accords the couples exclusive rights and benefits. However, same-sex marriage brings forth a myriad of symbolic, religious and constitutional questions that has caused a continuous intense debate on the legalization of same-sex marriage (Pope 530). Gertsmann cites the Marriage Act 1961 which was amended in 2004 that defines marriage as the union between a man and woman and excludes all the others (15). This excludes same-sex marriage from being considered as marriage, a fact that has caused same-sex activists to push for change for their recognition in law.

The case against same-sex marriage revolves around religious, moral and health concerns. By prohibiting homosexuality, a majority of religions, by extension, prohibit same-sex marriage. A majority of Christians argue that same-sex marriage is immoral and goes against the will of God and the reason of procreation that saw Him put man and woman together (Pope 533). In fact, Christians quote God talking of such a union as detestable in the Old Testament. Islam also prohibits same-sex marriage noting that the reason why Sodom was destroyed was because of such sins. Similarly, Hindus oppose same-sex marriage noting that for every soul, there exists another soul mate of the opposite sex. Since sex may

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