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Write 1 page essay on the topic Reading/Watching Response.

The concept of too much pressure on students that lead to increased cheating in examination is logical. Students cheat in exams because of the expectations from parents, teachers, and the peers to perform excellently (Rampell Web. Krawczyk 4-6). The enhancement of the structure of the article could be by use of figure of illustrations such as pie charts and line graphs. The students of the twenty-first generations cheat in examination because of divided attention that gives them little concentration in studies (Clemmit 581). Thus, the notion that student of twenty-first generations cheats in exam because of the pressure teachers and parents place in them with the high performance education beats the logic of the matter. This is because the twenty-first generation student dedicate most of their time in other activities and tend to overlook their education. The argument that students of twenty-first century are goal-oriented and forced to compromise their values to meet the demands is the most effective way to explain the reason for cheating and not using the excuse of too much pressure emanating from parents and teachers. Hence, the article leaves room for debate on the issue of too much pressure by giving open questions and letting people contributing on the topic.

The conclusion of the article is well done by including recommendations on the way forward to ensure reduction of the level of cheating in the exams. Moreover, the issues discussed about the causes and impacts of too much pressure on students leading to cheating in exams calculatedly led to an excellent conclusion. As the author of the article, I would use statistical data collected over the years and presentation methods like pie charts to emphasize on the rapid increased rate of cheating and bring out the comparison in several years. In the article, I liked the way the author out the expounding on the impact of too much pressure on students and

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