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For the midterm project of one of my class, my group are bringing myths and legends from different cultures to the class. We make a treasure chest in which incorporates different poems regarding myths and legends that sealed in envelopes and then those envelopes kept in a treasure chest.

Write two poems regarding ‘myths and legends’ in Chinese culture

(Write two poems about the Chinese’s myths and legends story.)

For Chinese’ myths and legends story, I suggest you to write poems about the story of Sun Wukong, and the story of Nian.

Please use the two websites links as a resource for your inspiration: http:// (Sun Wukong)

https:// (Nian)

Requirement: I want the poems somehow reflect/represent/related to the idea of empowerment/ social activism.

FOR INSTANCE: The story of Nian talks about people join forces and fight Nian (the monster) together. The poems can writes about the power of consociation/collaboration etc.

p.s. The poems is not necessary to be in traditional strict formulas of rhyme, meter. (14 lines of iambic pentameter)

It will be good if you can provide a summary as well as merely explain the meaning of the poems so I can use it in class. Thank you!

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