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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses theory critique. In order for a client to fully understand his conflicts, he needs to re-experience significant scenes in his life that are responsible for it. The therapist is a trusted companion in the experience who helps him gain a better understanding of the consequences of such experience. It is believed that no matter how painful that experience is, the client needs to confront it with the help of creative techniques or experiments facilitated by a skilled therapist who uses his wise judgment and perfect timing in the choice of a productive experiment. The client needs to go through the painful experience again with more objective and sensitive thinking in the able company of the therapist. It is like gold going through the fire so that it can be refined and polished. The therapist needs to be thoroughly trained in reading and interpreting a client’s verbal and more importantly, non-verbal communication and adept enough in bringing out the real feelings and thoughts of the client out in the open.

Gestalt theories seem to have borrowed ideas from Psychoanalytic theories and modified it to suit its own theories. Its “channels of resistance to contact” parallels Freud’s “defense mechanisms”. Likewise, it delves deep into an individual’s dreams. Such focus on deep, underlying meanings behind a person’s actions and speech entails thoroughness and depth in the study of the unconscious.

The wisdom expected of a Gestalt therapist is reminiscent of the biblical Joseph the dreamer who has used his gift of interpreting dreams accurately to win the favor of men while giving glory to God, as he always acknowledged that the interpretation of the dreams came from Him. Joseph was humble enough to admit that God was only using him as an instrument to uncover truths.

If Joseph’s ability for dream interpretation is natural, a Gestalt therapist is acquired through careful study.

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